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OmniPlatform provides enterprise technology and cloud delivered services to a growing customer base in the United States and internationally. Our latest product lines service process needs of Start-ups, SME's and Fortune 500 corporations.

Key principles

 Simple user interfaces - Our development process is set to follow most stringent usability guidelines to create both simple and easy to use products and services.

 Brand knowledge and integration - Through relationships with our strategic partners, we employ extensive knowledge of brand mechanics to create products and services consistent with your brand platform. We will extend your brand to support on-brand company/product websites, e-commerce storefronts and applications.

 Quality, value and ROI - Long-term success for both your company and ours will depend on product and service quality, the value it provides, and measurable return on investment (ROI). Thus, these principles are an integral part of our development and support life-cycles.

 Support business efficiency and growth - We believe that growth is the most important element in every company, large or small. We help our customers through this phase by automating critical processes with a flexible platform that will scale with growth.

 Long-term commitment and partnership - Our key objective is your long-term success. Everything we do has this purpose in mind. It is what drives us! When you succeed, we succeed.

Key process

At OmniPlatform, every customer engagement starts with careful assessment of business and brand needs, an important step to successful planning and execution. At the end of the development life-cycle we deliver a platform that is ready to transform your Enterprise by aligning critical business processes with future growth.

  • Process analysis
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Research and Development
  • Product Deployment
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Growth management

Key benefit

OmniPlatform creates strategic partnerships with customers that recognize the need to adapt to evolving business demands but are not necessarily in business to develop scalable technology platforms. OmniPlatform effectively becomes the Platform for customer focused organizations to provide scalable technology and support solutions.

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Our services are geared towards a changing business with added infrastructure for high availability and 24/7 support.